My name is
Ping Ping Worakate

The CEO of Peace Revolution and World Peace Initiative

Ping Ping (Worakate) has studied the power of the mind and “Center of the Body Technique” at a Buddhist temple in Thailand since the age of 12 when she got a deep insight into its secret.
Online Courses

To make (self) reflection work, ones need to have a growth mindse and less ego.


Strive for the Best is the key to create Trust and Confidence in your work.


Don’t stop exploring new skills as it will lead to new opportunities in life.


LOVE in what you DO and try to EXCEL in it. And you will discover what you truly LOVE.


Self-discipline is a key to work-life balance.


Think out of the Box can be developed through questioning.


“Love what you Do” can lead to “Go out of the Comfort Zone”