I am Ping Ping Worakate

An Experienced Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor
A Keynote Speaker
A Content Creator
A Scriptwriter
A Film Director
A Founder of EnlightenME App
and A Co-founder & CEO
at World Peace Initiative Foundation

The Beginning

Ping Ping (Worakate) has studied the power of the mind
“Center of the Body Technique”
at the Buddhist temple in Thailand since the age of 12
when she got a deep insight into 
its secret.
Her desire towards learning Buddhist teachings
as a way of life has developed along the way
until she had a chance to meet, converse, and attend
different classes  with a renowned senior monk,
Dhammajayo Bhikkhu,
that awakens her aspiration to share this knowledge and practice
as a
life-hack tool to everyone in world.

Beyond her Imagination

Ping Ping pioneered in developing a free online learning platform
 which is a new paradigm shift intent on redirecting and refocusing
our priorities from an outward search to an inward quest
designed to discover self-sustaining happiness, peace, and well-being.
This initiative gained big interest after launch in 2010
as it brings an essence of Oriental Philosophy
into applicable and logical practice
regardless of religion, education, and nationality.
Presently, this online program called
“Peace Revolution”
 has over 120,000 registered members from 200+ countries.

30-year of Commitment

Through her 30-year of determination
to excel in meditation and mindfulness,
she is one of the mind-blowing trainers
who offers a variety of workshops
in following areas such as stress and burnout,
work-life balance, mental wellbeing, emotional intelligence,
leadership and empathy, positive mindset and productivity,
and more to people from
all walks of life.

A BetterME Journey

Her tireless effort in training people
results in a network of Meditation Teachers and Volunteers
from over 100 countries who have become role models
in their communities where they share real life experiences
of how to develop a peaceful mind, a positive mindset,
and good habits which lead to healthier and happier lifestyles.
Furthermore, in 2019, Ping Ping brought about
a unique self-help diagram called
“A BetterME Model”
 to support the transformation towards a Better Self
in a systematic way.

Enlightening the World

Her passion to share the ancient wisdom of the East
never ends.
With the latest technology of mobile application,
she initiated 
“EnlightenMe App”
 during the widespread of COVID-19 pandemic.
Working from the spiritual asylum for three months
helped her deeply reflect on
different dimensions of life
from body and mind
to relationship and wealth, and beyond.
She is confident that her actions
will enlighten the world
from chaos to
from sorrow to happiness,
from hatred to love,
and from fear to courage.

Ping Ping Bio